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6 Reasons Serviced Apartments are Great for Special Occasions

Published on July 10, 2018 by Rebecca Hinshelwood

the metropolitan luxury serviced apartments london photoThe sun is out, the days are long. Up and down the country dressmakers, florists and caterers are busily working to keep up with their order book. Yes, it’s wedding season. But these aren’t the only parties in town! The Summer is the perfect season to celebrate special occasions. Significant birthdays, milestone anniversaries, or perhaps it’s just the first time that the extended family has managed to successfully coordinate diaries! Beautiful locations all around London are buzzing with a different special celebration every week. 

And all of these celebrants need to stay somewhere.

When a family or close group is getting together to celebrate something significant, be it a 70th birthday or a family wedding, the accommodation for that group has to be in keeping with the celebration itself.  But why choose 5 star serviced apartments for special occasions? This type of  property will lift a celebration event beyond the ordinary and into the truly memorable.

1. Great Locations

Celebrating a special occasion brings friends and family together from all parts of the country or indeed globe. This is why luxury properties in the heart of London are an ideal destination. Easy to access and surrounded by fantastic culture, entertainment and fine dining, your celebration will be brimming with great memories. Concierge services bring local information and seamless organisation to your fingertips so that the cream of the local area is easily accessible to your group.

2. Privacy

When you choose to celebrate a special occasion by bringing your extended family group together, you don’t want to be in each other’s pockets. Yes, staying together is a wonderful concept, it makes sense logistically and has scope to be a great adventure. However, it is key to avoid any friction. The privacy afforded by 5 star serviced apartments for special occasions means that you can enjoy the luxury of communal space while maintaining privacy from outsiders to your party and simultaneously enjoying individual private space.

3. Added Services

Features of luxury and comfort elevate serviced apartments above other forms of accommodation for special occasions. At a time of joy and harmony, minor stresses over logistics and conduct are unwanted, and in the case of serviced apartments, unnecessary.  With services ranging from catering, housekeeping, daily turndown or concierge, none of these aspects are present to cause discord. Your family group is free to enjoy your celebration, and the company of one another.

4. Freedom

Free from the trappings of hotel restrictions and time keeping, a diverse family party can all benefit from all 5 star serviced apartments across London for special occasions. It’s great to enjoy evenings toasting together at a nearby Michelin starred establishment, organised by the concierge service. But it’s even better to enjoy this after each family member has had the freedom to go and explore the local area or simply to relax in the apartment earlier in the day.

5. Space

Balancing long-held relationships is key to a successful group break when marking a special occasion. Serviced apartments typically enjoy on average 30% more space than a similarly high quality hotel suite. This space immediately diffuses any simmering family tensions that could darken an extended celebration get together.

6. Something Special

When you’ve made the effort to get together an extended family, it makes sense to make the most of it. So taking a short break together as a group really optimises the occasion. Choosing 5 star serviced apartments for special occasions means that your group can make up for lost time. A 70th birthday, a Diamond anniversary or a long-awaited wedding are once-in-a-lifetime events. They’re special and you want to remember them that way. So in embracing the privacy, service and comfort of serviced apartments an occasion is allowed to shine with the light of something truly special.

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