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How are corporate stays set to replace the daily commute?

Published on January 27, 2021 by Rebecca Hinshelwood

The coming year of 2021 is clearly going to be a year of new normals. With most industries still reeling from the effects of Covid-19 and no clear end point in sight, organisations and businesses are working hard to find ways to function. It’s clear, though, that the days of lengthy daily commutes are, if not dead, certainly in a substantial hibernation. But what is the alternative? And how might corporate stays play their part?

The Corporate Workplace

Offices this year are already very different places to how they were this time last year. Although remote working has revealed some benefits, being present in the office is as important as it ever was. For many corporate industries, collaborative working and productive innovation rely on that office interaction. This is why many businesses have sought to find ways to safely schedule some office presence for those staff who will benefit. 

Flexibility of Working

Globally, individuals have reacted in differing ways to sustained periods of remote working. So when it comes to returning corporate staff to workplaces, it’s likely that flexibility will, in part, remain. True flexibility is finding a system that works to optimise balance and productivity both for the business and for the individual. This flexibility cannot be found in the time consuming and costly daily commute of old. Instead, it makes both practical and productive sense to replace daily travel with short corporate stays in London. 

Staff Care

If there is one positive to come out of this global pandemic, it’s that corporate leaders and business owners have got into the habit of prioritising the welfare of their staff. Moving forward, this signals a trend for improved provision when it comes to travel, accommodation and comfort. Serviced apartments will play a key role in all this. While part of the working week can be undertaken remotely from home, short corporate stays facilitate an office presence for the rest of the week without the need for daily travel. 

The Real Cost of the Commute

So why will so many people be more than happy to wave goodbye to the traditional commute? Travelling for hours to London every day has never been a pleasant experience! Busy train and tube carriages, or driving in heavy traffic meant that it was hard for many people to use the time productively. That’s before we touch on the financial cost of season tickets and congestion charges! So let’s contrast that with a short corporate stay. With serviced apartments situated centrally, once you’re in town, the office is a walk away. Add to this just two train journeys a week and we can quickly see the benefits to mental health and productivity! We won’t pretend it’s the cheaper option, however it’s clear that value means more than finance. 

Intensive Presence

So, what are the benefits that a short corporate stay offers for a business? For the time that you’re physically there, be it in meetings or more informal discussions, your presence is more intensive. You’re not weary from days of long morning and evening train journeys. And since those days are fewer, you’re aware of really optimising that time. At the end of the day, your serviced apartment provides a comfortable and relaxed place to decompress, leaving you at peak mental capacity for the next day. Indeed, your remote working days will also benefit from the time that you’ve spent elsewhere, allowing you more mental clarity. 

So, while the commute will naturally return, we think it’ll be a changed experience for most. It’s important for individuals and businesses to work out now how they can embrace this change and make it work for them. 

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