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Why should a corporate stay demand more than a hotel room?

Published on July 22, 2019 by Rebecca Hinshelwood

You may be booking a corporate stay for a boss, a colleague, or for yourself. One of your first decisions will be where you source accommodation. Some may immediately opt for a hotel for no other reason than habit. However, increasingly organisations and businesses focus their search on corporate serviced apartments for corporate stays. Why is this becoming a more popular option? And if you’ve not considered it before, what benefits does this type of accommodation hold for the business traveller?

More Space

Corporate serviced apartments offer, on average, around 30% more space than the equivalent level of hotel suite. Why does this matter for corporate stays, though? When you are staying away from home it can be hard to manage the pressure of professional demands. And returning to a small claustrophobic space can increase this feeling of pressure. During a corporate stay, it is important to be able to act as if you are in a ‘home from home’. You’ll find this in the additional space of a serviced apartment.

Increased Productivity

Managing the pressure of your corporate stay, then, is a key factor in the professional success of that stay. By relieving the demands of living, you are left to focus on the professional demands of your corporate visit. Perhaps you are pitching for new business, or speaking at an event or seminar. These will demand the lions share of your attention and require you to be at your most productive. So for corporate stays, you will find that your productivity will be improved by the comfort and service that a serviced apartment offers to you.   

Personal Service

With service that rivals even the most attentive hotels, a serviced apartment for corporate stays will provide a visitor with professional support. Remote PA services will support your professional needs, while maid, cleaning and even chef services will leave you able to focus on your targets. Your concierge service can offer the kind of local knowledge that will ease your daily requirements. 

Central Locations

While hotels are centrally located, they tend to be situated on busy city thoroughfares. So if you are planning a city corporate stay, you may find a central location that is removed from the bustle and noise beneficial. Serviced apartments for corporate stays are often located on smaller London streets. This offers the peace to feel at home whilst still keeping you close to the action. A perfect balance that makes for a truly comfortable corporate stay.

Privacy and Freedom

These things go hand in hand when it comes to serviced apartments for corporate stays. Whilst you can enjoy great service, the privacy of living in your apartment gives you the freedom to do your own thing as and when you want. A corporate stay demands this balance. Sharing space with other guests can make a stay feel busier than it is, while you may feel constrained by dining times. In contrast, a serviced apartment offers the same level of privacy that you would get in your own home. You can come and go as you please, so you can fulfil whatever professional demands occur. 

Cost Savings

It’s a myth, really, that serviced apartments for corporate stays are the expensive option.  For organisations that undertake regular or lengthy corporate stays in business centres such as London, a relationship with a serviced apartment can be the most economic approach. This could be in the price itself or on the savings that can be made on an expense bill.

So when representatives of your business travel to cities such as London, their wellbeing and performance has an impact on the organisation. In this way, it makes sense to source the most superior accommodation available. Whether the stay is long or short, serviced apartments for corporate stays are an option that should be pursued! 

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