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To Stay or Not to Stay: The benefit of serviced apartments

Published on January 11, 2018 by Rebecca Hinshelwood

modern luxury interior of a city apartmentWhether you are a regular traveller who has hotel fatigue, or an occasional traveller looking for extra comfort or something more special, a serviced apartment could benefit you. Booking sites often suggest that a hotel stay is the only option for those on a business, leisure or celebration trip. Indeed in days past, serviced apartments would tend to be an option just for extended stays, but times are changing and you can now enjoy all the advantages of a serviced apartment no matter how long your trip.


Whilst the space in your hotel room is undeniably private, once you step out of the door, the building is very much a shared space. Even a hotel suite cannot offer the same level of privacy as a serviced apartment, and this is down to the level of facility that an apartment can offer. With all of the rooms you would find in a home, from a bathroom to a living room to a kitchen, a serviced apartment offers a level of privacy that you would expect in your own home.


But while you’re enjoying all of this privacy, surely you will miss out on all the service that a hotel offers? Actually, this is not the case; the great thing with a serviced apartment is that you can utilise as much or as little service as you wish. Regardless of whether or not the apartments are managed by a hotel business (as some are), a luxury serviced apartment will benefit from daily maid service, 24-hour concierge services and restaurant quality dining options within the apartment. You needn’t lift a finger – unless of course, you want to!


This level of control demonstrates how serviced apartments offer the freedom to fine-tune your activities to exactly meet your requirements. If you want to cook up a storm in the kitchen, go right ahead! If you prefer a dine-in restaurant experience, no problem! Your stay can be precisely how you want it to be, with no barriers created by the traditional patterns of a hotel experience.


Another freedom enjoyed by those choosing a serviced apartment lies in the location of the buildings themselves. Unlike hotels which tend to be found on the main thoroughfare, many travellers prefer a more local experience. Utilising high quality or listed buildings situated in streets less trodden, a serviced apartment gives its guests an experience which reveals much more of the city in which they are staying.


Of course, there is no hard and fast rule on the amount of space that you can enjoy whether in a hotel or a serviced apartment. However, it is true that serviced apartments offer on average 30% more space than an equivalent standard of hotel. Once again, this comes down to making your travelling experience more comfortable. The additional space of a serviced apartment over a hotel room or suite gives that all important room to breathe after a busy day. Especially if you are travelling as a family, this can mean the difference between harmony and discord!


For those big life occasions – like a wedding, important anniversary or a milestone birthday – large group parties can be accommodated within the same serviced building in apartments ranging from studio to four bedrooms. You can then enjoy a relaxed celebration and your various arms of family and friends can benefit from the service, freedom and space of their own apartment alongside the convenience of close proximity to each other… when they want it!

Serviced apartments clearly offer many benefits over hotel rooms without any downside. The only challenge remaining is to find the right one for you. Which is why you’re very lucky to be reading this because that’s where we come in!

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