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10 Reasons to Love London as a Holiday Destination

Published on July 21, 2022 by Rebecca Hinshelwood

All European capital cities are fantastic to visit. But London has a special place in many peoples’ hearts. There’s a vibrancy and authenticity in London that is hard to describe unless you’ve experienced it. It’s a city of many faces, a chameleon if you like. Basically, London as a holiday destination is several experiences all rolled into one.

1. Embrace the tourist buzz

Some parts of London are hectic with tourist activity. From central destinations like Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square to the bustling south bank of the Thames, it can be tempting to avoid parts of London. However, if you embrace the tourist experience in London, you may just find that it’s rather thrilling. So go on the open top bus and snap selfies in front of statues to your heart’s delight. 

2. Try relaxed local living

Part of the London experience is all in the local community. From hidden gem spots to market shopping, it’s very easy to take a more relaxed pace on holiday in London. Try staying in a luxury serviced apartment in Kensington to be well located whilst enjoying the freedom that these accommodations have to offer. 

3. Enjoy spectacular eating

For a foodie, London as a holiday destination can’t be beaten! You can eat absolutely any type of cuisine in this city. There’s a wealth of Michelin starred establishments alongside fantastically creative and more relaxed destinations. So you can have a different dining experience every day.

4. It’s a hive of culture

There are museums, galleries and iconic buildings across the city. Some are well known, like the V&A, National Portrait Gallery and Tate Modern. Others, like Sir John Soane’s Museum or the vintage bookshops that line Cecil Court are less prominent and feel like intriguing discoveries for a city explorer.

5. The excitement of showtime

The bustle of London’s West End can’t be beaten. Enjoy a pre-theatre meal in London’s Theatreland before taking your pick of any number of live events. The breadth of genres across the city means that whether you prefer ballet, opera, musicals or plays, there will be something for you.

6. Escape to the sanctuary of nature

If it all gets a bit busy, London’s unique green spaces always offer sanctuary. Royal Parks like Hyde Park, Green Park and Regent’s Park are so large that you can feel truly away from the city. And there are also a few hidden gems that offer respite from the crowds.

7. There’s history everywhere

You don’t have to visit the Natural History Museum or British Museum to get the historical experience in London. The streets themselves are historical. Explore along the City Wall for some less trodden paths, or take a boat trip along the river for a unique viewpoint on much of London’s history.

8. You can shop til you drop

Perhaps retail therapy is your ideal recreation. London is home to the flagship stores of Oxford Street, cool Carnaby Street and boutique designers along the King’s Road. So whatever your fashion preference, London won’t disappoint. After a busy day’s shopping, collapse into the comfort of a luxury serviced apartment to rejuvenate for the next day.

9. It’s so easy to get around

From cabs to bikes to boats and the tube, there are a huge number of transport options to get you around London. But the secret, really, is that it’s not actually that big. From a centrally located apartment you can often walk to a lot of places, and enjoy the history of London streets while you’re at it.

10. It changes all the time

Not been for a couple of years? It’s likely that a huge amount has changed. London is a city that you can keep coming back to because it’s alive and evolving all the time. Pop up shops and new exhibitions, restaurants and festivals constantly change the face of London as a holiday destination. 

For the ultimate in freedom when you stay in London, serviced apartment accommodation has it all. Luxury serviced apartments in Central London, Chelsea and Westminster provide spectacular levels of comfort and convenience. So you can concentrate on experiencing all that London has to offer as a holiday destination.  

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