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Why we all need a home from home Christmas

Published on November 17, 2020 by Rebecca Hinshelwood

Christmas is coming early this year. We’ve all had it up to the eyeballs with doom and gloom, so it’s time to deck the halls and string the lights! But when Christmas is traditionally a time to hole up snug and warm at home, what do you do if you’ve had quite enough of doing that thank you very much! What we all need, in actual fact, is a home from home Christmas. We need all the comfort and familiarity of being at home without actually being, well, at home. Serviced apartments in London are the perfect solution this festive season, and here’s why…

London is Magical at Christmas!

Why London, then? Because whatever’s going on in the world, you can rely on London to be beautiful and magnificent at Christmas time. Festive light displays are already sparkling on Oxford Street and Regent Street, the tree is up in Covent Garden and you can tour the department store festive window displays to get into the mood. Selfridges have unveiled their 2020 Christmas theme: ‘At home with the Selfridges!’

Home Comforts are Lovely!

We love a snug living room sofa, a soft and cosy bed, a sleek and well stocked kitchen, and the space to potter. On a break, it’s these things that you can miss. So a home environment will make you feel far more relaxed than a hotel room, especially when you need to get away from it all.

You Deserve a Treat!

It’s been quite a year hasn’t it. You definitely deserve a treat; a festive gift to yourself, or one for the whole family. You may want great food, time to pamper yourself, shopping til you drop or simply taking in the atmosphere of the city. Serviced apartments in London offer all of these things with added comfort and style!

Enough of the To-Do List!

The thing with being stuck at home is that there’s always something that needs to be done! Cast aside the terror of the to-do list and have someone else take on the burden of day to day existence. Then you can concentrate on being festive! A concierge, maid and even catering service means that serviced apartments in London give you the gift of time and a lightness of being.

A Change is as Good as a Rest!

It’s yours, and it’s home, but to really appreciate something it’s important to spend time away. You can have too much of a good thing, you know! When you spend too much time somewhere, all the little niggles that you have can become amplified. And family arguments can take over the season. So for Christmas to feel special and content, maybe a bit of distance from home will do the trick. The whole family will feel the benefit and you can just enjoy each other’s company.

Shut out the World…

If you need a break from reality, there’s no better way to shut out the world than to surround yourself with comfort and luxury. Utilise the fully equipped kitchen to make mince pies and yule logs to your heart’s content! Or select your favourite Christmas movie titles and turn your apartment living room into a zone of unadulterated festive joy!

… Whilst Staying Connected!

Of course, serviced apartments in London are never far away from the centre of the action if you have a change of heart! Just getting into the city can give you that much missed sense of vibrancy that makes the festive season so fun. And with great wifi connectivity, you’ll never be beyond civilisation!

So this Christmas, serviced apartments in London are a means to having it all! If there ever was a time to demand to have it all, then Christmas is it. And this year more so than ever before!

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