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What to Do in Marylebone

Published on April 26, 2024 by Howard Head

Marylebone is bordered by Oxford Street on the south, Edgware Road to the west, St John’s Wood Drive and Regent’s Park to the north and Great Portland Street to the east. It’s one of the most civilised urban neighbourhood’s you’ll find anywhere in the world dotted with chic restaurants, quiet side streets, one-of-a-kind boutiques and a smattering of warm and welcoming gastropubs. 

5 Things to do in Marylebone, London

If you’re looking for something to do in London away from the crowds at the British Museum and The Tower you can’t miss by spending a day exploring this historic neighbourhood. In this guide the team at Luxury Serviced Apartments present 5 things to do in Marylebone.

#1: Take in the Wallace Collection

What is now known as the Wallace Collection was begun by the first Marquess of Hertford in the 18th century and added to by the next 3 Marquesses. When the 4th Marquess died he bequeathed the entire collection to Richard Wallace (later Sir Richard Wallace) a man widely believed to be his illegitimate son. When Sir Richard Wallace died the collection, comprising some 5,500 works, was gifted to the state. It’s one of the most impressive art collections in the UK and includes important pieces by Rembrandt, Titian, Velazquez and Canaletto. 

The building that houses the collection – Hertford House – is almost as notable as the collection itself. It was the principal London residence of the aforementioned Marquesses of Hertford and is renowned for its lavish Baroque interiors and sumptuous furnishing. The Wallace Collection is a must see for any art lover and best of all access to the permanent collection is free.

#2: The British Dental Association Museum

Fans of the offbeat will love the British Dental Association Museum. A word of caution though, it may be best to leave your imagination at the door and simply take the displays at face value. Thinking too hard about how people used to treat dental problems can make your teeth hurt. Take a trip through the history of false teeth. Marvel at toothbrushes from days gone by and try to remain calm as you contemplate what they used to do with some of the 18th and 19th century dental tools on display. By the time you hit the exit you’ll be grateful you live in the 2020s, not the 1820s.

#3: The Sherlock Holmes Museum

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous fictional detective called 221B Baker Street, just a stone’s throw from Regent Park, home. Today you can visit the super sleuth’s would-be home which now houses the Sherlock Holmes Museum. It may seem a curious proposition, creating a museum around someone who never actually existed, but the folks behind the museum didn’t let that deter them. If nothing else, entering the SHM is like stepping back in time to the late Victorian era. Don’t forget to pick up a Deerstalker hat on your way out.

#4: Regent’s Park 

Regent’s Park is generally considered to be the grandest of all of London’s Royal Parks. It was originally part of King Henry VIII’s hunting grounds. The ensuing centuries saw the area progressively tamed and in the early 19th century extensive landscaping was introduced. For the next few decades it served as a leisure destination for the Royal Family and other members of the aristocracy until it was opened to the public in 1841. If you’re looking for a place to relax during your day in Marylebone, spend a couple of hours strolling through Regent’s Park. You won’t regret it.

#5: St James, Spanish Place 

If you have an affinity for jaw-dropping interiors make your way to St James Church on St George Street just around the corner from the Wallace Collection. The church is a striking example of early Gothic design with its soaring vaulted ceiling supported by marble colonettes and its Victorian stained glass windows. For the curious the name “Spanish Place” refers to a relatively brief time when the Spanish Embassy in London occupied nearby Hertford House, now occupied by the Wallace Collection. The church is very much in use today and recently played host to King Charles who flew into London to attend a concert here comprising all 4 coronation anthems played at his coronation in May 2023.

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