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What is an Aparthotel?

Published on April 26, 2024 by Howard Head

An aparthotel – sometimes referred to as an “apart hotel” or an “apartment hotel” – is a serviced apartment complex with units rented out to travelers, typically for short periods of time. In most cases a building will be comprised solely of these types of units, and even have a hotel-like reception area, check in counter, dining area and other hotel amenities. 

You will check in and check out as you would in a standard hotel, although you will not have to pay utilities, even though it is technically an apartment you’re renting. Some units may be as small as a standard hotel room or as large as a hotel suite. But whereas hotel rooms invariably have a functional feel to them aparthotel rooms tend to feel much more livable.

What else do you get in an aparthotel?

As we mentioned an aparthotel, while it functions in many respects like a standard hotel, has a much more livable feel to it. Chances are you will get more than one room and the bedroom will likely be separate, giving you lots of room to spread out and relax. You’re also likely to have a kitchen in your aparthotel room, which is a big step up from the hot water kettle and coffee packets you get in a hotel.

Beyond that exactly what you get in an aparthotel will differ from location to location. Some will offer a concierge service and others will not. Some will have a bar for guests and others will not. Likewise some will have a common dining area where breakfast and such is served, while others will not. The same goes for laundry service, gyms and the like.

Why people stay in aparthotels

People choose to stay in aparthotels for a variety of reasons, but a common thread seems to be that they appreciate the more laid-back and livable environment when compared to a standard hotel. Most people who try aparthotels for the first time rarely go back to standard hotels if they have a choice. 

Aparthotels are ideal for:

Leisure travellers

Whether you travel alone, with friends or with family an aparthotel is an excellent choice. If you have kids a large multi-room apartment with more than 1 bath will allow plenty of room for everyone. And because such a suite will also come with a kitchen you can always cook if someone is hungry after you get home for the evening. 

Those who travel alone or with friends will find the aparthotel setup to be the next best thing to bringing home with them on the road. You’ll enjoy all the homey amenities such as TV, entertainment centre, high-speed internet and lots of comfortable space to stretch out. And because most aparthotels are centrally located you’ll be close to all the sites.

Business travellers

Being on the road for business all the time can be tough on the spirit. Anything that helps evoke a sense of hominess is a good thing. An aparthotel feels much more like an apartment than a hotel room and you have the option of cooking your own meals, which can make you feel much more at home than having to go out to eat in strange restaurants every night. 

As we mentioned above aparthotels are almost always centrally located too, so you’re likely to be close to whatever company you’re in town to visit. And pound for pound they tend to be a much better value than standard hotels.

Speaking of value…

Aparthotels are an outstanding value no matter how you look at them. In most cases you will get a larger, more comfortable place to stay than a hotel could provide for a comparable price. If you’re staying several days or longer you’ll be able to settle in, cook your own meals when you don’t feel like going out and wake up refreshed close to your destination.


What is an aparthotel? It’s a smart, cost-effective alternative to standard hotels that typically offers more room, greater comfort and a less hectic environment than a regular hotel. Whether you’re travelling on business or for pleasure and whether you’re alone or with friends or family the aparthotel will allow you to enjoy travelling in a way you never thought possible.

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