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Top 5 services that make a great serviced apartment

Published on April 11, 2019 by Rebecca Hinshelwood

What exactly is it that makes serviced apartment properties so special? If we had to narrow it down to one single thing that sets this accommodation apart from Airbnb and vacation rentals, it would be service. Visitors to vacation rental properties and Airbnb destinations are very much left to their own devices. In contrast, high levels of assistance are offered at serviced apartments, which makes any length of stay comfortable and memorable.

So, what are the top 5 service areas that a serviced apartment offers? And how do they make a difference?

  1. Concierge

    From travel to social arrangements, a concierge service can both advise and arrange your engagements for the duration of your stay. Fancy taking in a show after a Michelin standard dinner? Your concierge service can recommend which West End title is a must-see. They can then book your tickets, locate the right restaurant and get you there and back! By avoiding endless web searches, you will save time and stress. This means that more of your stay can be dedicated to business or leisure!

  2. Maid

    This service gives you the best of both worlds – home comfort living with added hotel amenities. From cleaning to bed turning down, a discreet maid service allows you to leave all domestic stress behind. This is especially crucial for medium to longer term stays. A maid service means that you don’t have to worry about domestic maintenance. Yet you can still feel relaxed in a home style environment. Clear surroundings facilitate a clear mind. So with your home from home environment under the expert hand of a maid service, you’ll enjoy refreshing mental clarity.

  1. PA

    For business travellers, lack of executive support can be a real bane of being on the move. Visits to a destination are likely to be longer than those of leisure travellers. However, often not long enough to establish full administrative assistance. A vital resource arranged through serviced apartments is that of high quality and reliable virtual assistants. Perhaps you need remote administrative support. Or you may simply require the practical resources of scanning and printing documents. This service will ensure that you won’t be caught short.

  2. Catering

    Flexibility is a huge benefit of serviced apartment accommodation. Where you may want to dine out in one of London’s many Michelin starred restaurants one night, you could decide to remain in the quiet comfort of your own apartment’s kitchen on others. A serviced apartment gives you a third option. Boasting a high standard of fully equipped kitchen facilities within the apartment, a catering service can whip up a delectable dinner for you and any guests. So you can entertain friends or business associates within the sanctuary of the apartment.

  3. Laundry

    Of course, serviced apartments include DIY laundry facilities such as a washing machine. You can enjoy flexibility of living through this utility, which is a great benefit. However, it remains that laundry is a chore which very few relish! So, from bed linen to pressed shirts, a laundry service is one of the most valued assets of a serviced apartment. For business travellers especially, time is valuable. So why waste it on laundry or on getting to an external service provider, as you would need to through Airbnb or a vacation rental. 

The key benefit to all of these services is that they remove the inconveniences of being away from your home turf. The intricacies of daily life are something that can tarnish a travelling experience. This is true should you be on a leisure vacation or are seconded for business. Whether you’re staying for 3 nights or 3 months, the service that you can expect at a luxury serviced apartment enables you to feel the comfort of a home without any of the grind.

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