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The Rise and Rise of the City Break

Published on November 20, 2018 by Rebecca Hinshelwood

grosvenor house luxury serviced apartments london penthouse photoThe way that people choose to holiday has evolved. Over the last 20 years, trends have seen the traditional two week beach holiday decreasing in favour of shorter, more frequent breaks. As part of this development, many travellers choose city destinations for a proportion of their vacations. What is really at the root of this change, though, and how do you get the best out of your city break?

Why are city breaks so popular?


As budget airlines have become commonplace, it has now more accessible for holidaymakers to choose destinations that are further afield from their home. Similarly, cities like London boast a vastly improved infrastructure and a vast array of 5* luxury serviced apartments to facilitate exploration once a visitor has arrived.


The cost of air travel has decreased, making international city destinations more affordable to more of the population. Internal flights within the UK often come in even cheaper than train travel, making the capital a popular destination for a domestic short break.


Our time is precious. When pressures on time have increased, fitting in a traditional two week holiday can be a struggle for many people. Choosing multiple shorter breaks seems an ideal solution to this challenge especially with the short and long term stay offerings from Central London Serviced Apartments. 


Cities are wonderful places. With so much to see and do, places to eat and experiences to embrace, they do not rely on a season to remain attractive. Unlike a beach holiday which can be ruined by unpleasant weather, a city is great whatever the season.

What type of traveller chooses a city break?


For those with a sense of adventure, a city break is ideal. There’s as much ‘off the beaten track’ in cities like London as there is in remote corners of the globe! Stay in a Central London Apartment with easy access to public transoirt and discover hidden treasures in a city to make some lasting memories. 


Cities like London boast a wealth of activities that can keep a whole family entertained, whatever age they are. Museums, arts centres and parks provide fun whatever the weather. With great restaurants on your doorstep, mealtimes remain perfectly civilised! 

Culture seekers

City destinations carry the benefit of their historic status. Simply exploring the streets can feel like stepping back in time. Theatres, museums and Michelin starred restaurants make a city seeped in the luxury of high culture.

Why choose London for your city break?

International Destination

Travellers from all over the globe choose London to visit as a city break, and many choose a centrally located serviced apartment to stay. There’s a reason for this. With high end shopping, awe inspiring parks and high culture museums, Kensington and Knightsbridge are the gateway to a fantastic city break.

Domestic Destination

The thing with London is that one visit is never enough! This is why it remains a popular domestic destination as a city break. Whether it’s a weekend stay to see a long-anticipated West End show, or several days on the tourist trail, there is always more to see. Choosing an area like Kensington means that access is straightforward so you can make the most of this trip to London.

What accommodation do you need on your city break?

High Quality

When your time in a city is limited, it’s important that your accommodation is comfortable. To this end, 5* serviced apartments offer reliable luxury and the service to match. With concierge and maid services on hand, you can concentrate on really enjoying the city.


Sometimes you want to make the most of the great restaurant options, then other nights you’d rather the cosiness of eating in. Serviced apartments are ideal to benefit from flexibility of movement as you are not limited to set schedules and can come and go as you please.


Hotels have many benefits for the short stay, however those who seek privacy will look towards a serviced apartment. If you are travelling as a group and would like to enjoy a private reception space, an apartment layout is ideal. Similarly, families can make the most of a home from home environment for their city break. 

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