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A Guide to Realistic New Year’s Resolutions in London

Published on January 17, 2020 by Rebecca Hinshelwood

Ah, the New Year! It’s a fresh start and a blank canvas! So this January, are you looking to make lasting changes to your habits and lifestyle? Do you have goals and targets which you plan to achieve over the course of the year ahead? So many of us think big at the start of the year, only to get swept up in daily existence. Many find that the secret to sticking to New Year’s resolutions is to form them into lifestyle habits. This makes them more realistic.

But, for those managing an already busy schedule, how can this work? Especially if you undertake regular business travel, integration is key.

Seeing the World

Planning to expand your horizons in 2020? This need not mean dropping your existing commitments and spending the year on the road. You could set weekends aside for more frequent city breaks and maximise your time there. If you already travel frequently for business, try to see some of your destination while you are there. This could mean taking an early morning walk around Kensington, or dining at a Mayfair restaurant in the evening. One minor leisure activity can make you feel that you’ve really visited a place rather than simply passed through.

Experiencing More Culture

Quality is better than quantity here when you visit a city. So if you visit London make sure you take in a West End show, or head to Kensington for its Michelin starred restaurants and historical streets. If you’re not sure where to start, make the most of a concierge service when staying in a luxury serviced apartment. From ticket booking to transport, your night of culture will be arranged for you.

Sticking to Healthy Eating

This is where habit creation is particularly hard. In the middle of a busy schedule it is so easy to grab convenience food or snack to maintain short term energy levels. Changing these habits comes down to planning, and time. Healthy eating habits are centred around fresh ingredients and avoiding processed foods. Make sure you have fresh fruit handy, and when you cook from scratch, make extra portions for freezer meals. If you’re staying away, choose accommodation with a fully equipped kitchen, like many serviced apartments in Mayfair. This step prevents you from resorting to takeaways. You may even find the cooking process meditative!

Self Care and Wellness

From time in the spa to mindfulness, or simply reading a book, self care comes down to time. And setting aside that time is another key habit to form when maintaining your New Year’s pledge. Combine business travel accommodation with spa access to give you the opportunity to take time out on a high pressured trip. Or structure your day to include an allocation of time for mindfulness and rest. After a couple of weeks supporting this habit, you’ll be surprised that you ever thought you couldn’t spare the time.

Training and Fitness

Again, opportunity to maintain this lifestyle habit is vital. If you’re spending a long time in a city like London, make sure your accommodation is located near major parks. Kensington is perfectly situated for both Holland Park and Kensington Gardens. Alternatively, head to Mayfair for easy access to Hyde Park, Green Park or St James’s Park. Or all three if you want to cover more distance! These great running grounds will give you a sense of inhabiting the city in a more local way. Don’t forget those luxury serviced apartments which combine gym or fitness suite access. This allows you to segue your fitness into any schedule and weather!

You really can make effective and long lasting changes to a busy lifestyle by integrating these changes into your current habits and schedules. This allows your associations to alter, leaving new habits formed. By choosing a luxury serviced apartment for business and leisure travel, you’ll find that those targets for the year are easy to fit in even while on the move.

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