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A Luxury New Normal for Serviced Apartments

Published on June 18, 2020 by Rebecca Hinshelwood

London can’t wait for the people to return. The city has missed you and feels incomplete without you. With places of accommodation currently set to reopen from 4th July, there is a glimmer of normality on the horizon. But as visitors, tourists and corporate stays start to increase, how can accommodation balance service, comfort and safety? What will the new normal entail once London can begin to welcome visitors once more? Most importantly, how can accommodation help the city to regain some of its vibrancy?

Interestingly, it may be more natural for luxury serviced apartments and five star accommodation to follow a new normal. Many concepts that form official requirements have been in place anyway, of a sort. The sector simply requires official guidance and an increase in travel freedom.

Certainly, we expect luxury serviced apartments to be a popular choice in the new normal for city accommodation. There are a huge number of benefits over hotels for those who wish to limit contact with large numbers of people. This goes for both the medium term and longer term. So, how does apartment living stand up as travel makes a long overdue return? And what are the differences to expect?


This is probably utmost in most people’s minds as they commence travel again. Expect to find hand sanitiser provided in more places. Optimal hygiene means focussing on ‘hot spots’ such as door handles and telephone receivers. Professional cleaners regularly disinfect these areas. Indeed, hygiene standards across luxury serviced apartments have always been extremely stringent. This means that existing staff are experienced and clued up.


A luxury serviced apartment is often located within a lower rise building than most hotels. This means that you don’t need to worry about lifts, busy stairwells and bustling foyers. You should also expect an increased provision of contactless check in for your accommodation. This keeps to a minimum any shared contact points.


Luxury serviced apartments have always provided discreet service as a norm. Now more than ever, there is the demand for maintaining service levels without direct contact. So those who are used to providing prudent service are already one step ahead.


Business visitors to corporations within the city will likely have more complex technological needs in the medium term. Your physical presence will become necessary with the return of business events. However, you may still need to be remotely present in other aspects of the business. So it’s vital that a luxury serviced apartment is equipped to support this.


Subsidiary travel will be one consideration for many visitors to a city like London. Once you have settled into your apartment, how will you travel to the office (for business travellers) or to places of interest (for leisure travellers)? Most luxury serviced apartments are found in central locations to the city. This means you need not consider using public transport. 


A luxury serviced apartment has the benefit of both additional space (on average 30% more than a hotel room) and utility that you wouldn’t find in a hotel suite. This brings valuable flexibility to the accommodation. Within the space, you are able to be more self sufficient if you need to be, yet still call in service if you prefer.


It’s clear that one aspect of the new normal will be the ability to respond to changing requirements. We will need to be abreast of both national and local restrictions and requirements. This is where the service of a remote concierge will be wonderfully useful. So as restaurants open again, your concierge can organise your reservation. In addition they can inform you of any requirements you may need to take into account. 

It’ll take time for London to re-emerge as the exciting and vibrant destination that we’re used to. And its going to take all of us to help it get there. With luxury serviced apartment accommodation, you can confidently be part of the new normal and help the city to make its come back.

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