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Productive working in apartments for corporate stays

Published on August 26, 2020 by Rebecca Hinshelwood

We all know that business travellers perform more productivity when they stay in a serviced apartment. Apartments for corporate stays are spacious and comfortable, so you’re able to wind down properly and be primed for innovative thought each day. But this was back when we all went into an office every day. Now, although businesses are resuming an office presence, numbers of people remain limited. So business travellers will likely need to combine an office presence with working from their temporary accommodation. 

Benefits of apartments for corporate stays

Why are serviced apartments so good for business travellers in the first place? It all comes down to the quality of the space. A great living space and great service translate directly into a more positive experience.

Physical Space

At around 30% more floor area than a comparable hotel suite, the time you spend in a luxury serviced apartment is less claustrophobic than many hotels. This will give you more clarity of thought when it comes to meetings – whether these are face to face or virtual!

Perfect Locations

If your business trip to London will be a mix of remote working and office presence, it’s vital that you’re centrally located. This makes short office visits more practical and reduces wasted commuting time.

Corporate Assistance

The key service that’s provided within apartments for corporate stays is business assistance. From PA duties to IT assistance to concierge services, the support provided by the apartment infrastructure enables business visits to run infinitely smoother.

Uninterrupted Connectivity

Now more than ever we rely on superior WiFi to keep the wheels of commerce turning. No one wants to freeze on a Zoom conference. And apartments for corporate stays tend to provide this as standard. There’s no hidden extra charges and no sudden dropping out when internet traffic peaks.


Freedom to be flexible has always been one of the top benefits of a serviced apartment. And we’ve all realised how important being flexible is. So when eating out is simply not on the cards as often, having a fully equipped kitchen is a huge advantage.

How to work in your serviced apartment

When you’re working at your home from home, how do you stay productive. With the need to work remotely through recent months it’s likely that you’ve established something of a process. But when you’re in an unfamiliar environment, it can feel a bit like starting from scratch.

Use the benefits

Embrace all the services that apartments for corporate stays offer. Use the services, from laundry to concierge and even chef service if it’s offered. This all allows you to focus on the reason you’re there in the first place.

Allocate a working area

The great thing about the additional floor area supplied in apartments for corporate stays is that residents can use the space. So make sure there’s a specific area of the apartment for working, just like you may have done at home. Keep this space as a focus area so when you’re elsewhere in the apartment you can really switch off.

Remember to take breaks

Don’t just remember to take them, but leave the building during breaks. If you’re staying in central London, go and walk around. Make the most of being in the city to enjoy the parks and green spaces, the river and the monuments.

Planning and scheduling

If your working model is to combine office time with remote time, planning will be key. Set mini deadlines based on what needs to be achieved by each office visit. Schedule a start and end to each day to avoid burnout. And add in some outdoor fitness time to get some fresh air to your brain, and your performance will always benefit.

Simply browse from the homepage to work out which of our apartments for corporate stays is perfectly located for your next London visit.

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