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Guide to the Best London Fireworks

Published on November 21, 2019 by Rebecca Hinshelwood

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We’re not going to embark on a history lesson, here. The old rhyme “Remember remember the 5th of November, gunpowder treason and plot” still rings round the memory of most Londoners. But nowadays it’s really more about spectacular displays of fireworks, torches, and even lasers. Add to this a healthy serving of creamy hot chocolate and comfort food and you have a seminal British Autumnal celebration! 

If you’re visiting the capital, where should you go to find the most spectacular London fireworks?

North London

Alexandra Palace

1st & 2nd November. Display 9pm Friday, 8pm Saturday

At Ally Pally, fireworks night is more than a display – it’s a whole festival! With gourmet street food, fairground, ice skating and a festival village with live music, this Autumn experience is worth the effort. You can go just for the display and fair, or extend your experience with the Luna Cinema or Bier Festival. Amongst all of the extra activity, there’s still a traditional bonfire lit on both evenings.

South London

Crystal Palace

2nd November. Display 8.30pm

In the Nocturnal Village you’ll find bars, DJ tents and street food. Elsewhere in Crystal Palace park, the firework and laser display is enhanced with a fairground, the traditional bonfire and performances by ‘Lords of Lightning’. These performers ‘duel’ by shooting lightning bolts at different sonic frequencies from their body. Get in early (from 5pm) to make the most of everything on offer.

Bonfire Night Tips

How do you get the best experience of the fireworks display that you choose? The best way to beat the crowds is to pre-book tickets and get there early. Some displays implement road closures so bear this in mind. The wonderful thing about firework displays is that they happen in the sky, so find a nice spot that doesn’t involve bustling in a crowd and you can settle back with your hot chocolate and enjoy the show!

Secret Fireworks

Massive displays and festival events are a great spectacle, it’s true. However, smaller local London firework displays have a huge amount to offer. You’ll still get a great show, but with fewer audience numbers to contend with, these smaller displays can often offer a much more authentic experience.

Corams Fields

1st November

You don’t need to leave central London to enjoy fireworks fun! Corams Fields is just a short walk from Russell Square tube and runs this free display, beginning at 6pm. There is a premium viewing area at £10 a ticket. Space being limited, there is no bonfire, but children’s fairground rides and food and merchandise stalls give this display a real community vibe.

Dulwich Sports Club

2nd November

Cheese toasties and mulled wine accompany the fireworks in Dulwich. This is a friendly, family oriented display, with the Bonfire lit at 6pm and display at 7pm. You’ll leave feeling all warm and fuzzy inside! Crowd numbers are controlled by advance ticketing only – there are no on the night tickets to this event.

Victoria Park

3rd November

This is one of the last remaining free London fireworks displays. Take note: there is no funfair or additional entertainment here. It’s pure traditional fireworks and bonfire fun from 5.30pm with display at 7pm. They love a theme in Tower Hamlets, and this year’s display “A Giant Leap”, celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landings. 

If you’re staying in London over the Autumn, this is a great time to catch a London Fireworks display. If going out in the cold is not your bag, from a centrally located luxury serviced apartment you’re likely to catch glimpses from your apartment windows!

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