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5 Tips for extended stays in serviced apartments

Published on May 29, 2019 by Rebecca Hinshelwood

Embarking on an extended stay in another city or country can be daunting. It’s a tricky combination of new discovery and daily grind. Often, extended stays are corporate, perhaps a contract or a secondment. However vibrant cities like London are also a popular destination for people who want to take some months out. So whether your extended stay at a serviced apartment is for business or leisure, take a look at our tips to make sure you’re prepared!

1. Pack light

This is possibly counter intuitive. Surely if your stay is longer than a standard vacation you’ll need more stuff? Not necessarily. You’ll just need different stuff. Don’t forget that at 5* serviced apartments you will not only enjoy a fully utilised kitchen (including a washing machine) but also enjoy the benefit of a regular laundry and ironing service. So you only need to pack those clothes that you think you will wear. Of course, for extended stays, you’re likely to encounter a wider variety of weather, especially in a city like London. So make sure you pack for both wet and dry conditions!

2. Personalise your space

No matter how luxurious and comfortable your surroundings, the one thing that can not be replicated are those things that hold personal memories. So for any extended stay, it is worth packing some specific items that will personalise your space. A couple of photos will make an already comfortable apartment even more homely. Parents may choose to bring some of their kids’ artwork, no matter how much it may drive you crazy at home! How about hobbies that help you to unwind during a quiet night in? From puzzles to sketching to knitting, bringing your kit will bring huge benefits in personal comfort.

3. Acclimatisation

Familiarising yourself with your apartment, the building and the surrounding area is vital for feeling grounded during an extended stay. So walk around the place, try out technology and facilities and make a list of questions. Your building manager or concierge service will be on hand to help you or to explain any questions that you need answering. All of this will raise your confidence and ability to hit the ground running. The beauty of a luxury serviced apartment for an extended stay is that the maintenance of your space is all taken care of. With maid and cleaning services, you can relax in the space without the demand of daily chores.

4. Live Like a Local

Amongst the day-to-day distractions of living during an extended stay, a different type of destination rises in importance. So where a vacation visit will see you seek out museums and galleries, for an extended stay you may find that an awesome local cafe or delicatessen is more important. That’s not to say that cultural destinations aren’t important of course – they are. However during an extended stay, make the most of the local knowledge that your concierge service can provide to locate more everyday treats.

5. Fitness

Maintaining your fitness regime is crucial to your wellbeing during an extended stay. Especially if you are used to regular exercise, one of the fist things that you will want to get sorted is a short term gym membership or a run down of the best places to go for a run or ride your bike. Don’t forget that there are some wonderful green spaces in London so don’t think that exercise is limited to air conditioned gyms! This is all advice that a serviced apartment concierge service can offer, so you don’t need to miss a day.

The key to a successful extended stay, then, is to make the most of services that are on offer to you. In this way, you will be able to focus more completely on local discovery or professional orientation. Your extended stay at a luxury serviced apartment can become the perfect balance between being away and the every day.

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