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7 Reasons that Corporates Love Serviced Apartments

Published on October 27, 2018 by Rebecca Hinshelwood

Corporate letting of serviced apartments is on the up. In a world where responsibility for employee welfare is increasingly high profile, many firms prioritise quality of accommodation for their workers. Secondment, relocation or consultancy are all circumstances which will require a business to provide a period of accommodation. Most importantly, the staff who need to be accommodated for these reasons are often high performing or sales focussed. So the comfort of these people, and sometimes their families, is in the business’ best interests. 

So, what makes luxury serviced apartments such a fantastic solution for corporate clients?

1. High Standards

5* serviced apartments are regularly assessed and conform to stringent standards of quality and service. This element of guaranteed quality is what sets serviced apartments apart from private short term lets. From appliances to decor to support staff, a reliable high standard of accommodation is guaranteed by a professionally managed luxury serviced apartment. 

2. Reliable Maintenance

You can be certain that a structured programme of maintenance is in place because central London serviced apartments are managed as part of a portfolio of properties. Property managers ensure that no light bulb is left unchanged, no malfunction left unchecked. For a short to medium term corporate let, issues can occur even in the most luxury of properties. Since a serviced apartment property manager has access to immediate maintenance support, any problems are solved quickly and without fuss.

3. Cost Effectiveness

At first glance, 5* serviced apartments could appear to be beyond an average corporate budget. However, take into account discounts for longer stays. Then the costs of associated travel and support for which the business would have to pay should they choose an unserviced and more remote private let. Suddenly, the price comparison evens out a bit. Then consider the increased well being and comfort of the staff member who is accommodated. All of a sudden, the business will benefit financially by choosing a luxury serviced apartment.

4. Quality of Living

It is this well being that is not always quantifiable in cold hard cash. This doesn’t make it any less valuable of course. More and more, businesses are coming to understand the importance of quality of living. When the business has required a director or consultant to relocate in the short, medium or even long term it makes sense to make the move as comfortable as possible. On average, a serviced apartment benefits from at least 30% more space than a hotel. In this way comfort is optimised when combined with a service that is above and beyond that of a private let.

5. Flexibility

For a corporate let, flexibility of contract is key. A consultancy will drag on. A secondment may be extended. A temporary relocation will lead to permanent accommodation. Because of these factors, the very inflexible lease contracts of private lets can be challenging to work within. All luxury serviced apartments are a far more adaptable accommodation solution for corporates who require flexibility. 

6. Family Friendly

Some relocations or secondments involve a family. Whether they are making the move too or simply visiting for extended periods, a corporate let accommodation should be appropriate for family occupants. Away from home, service is crucial here. With catering and maid services on hand, serviced apartments will minimise the stressful element of a move with the family.

7. Fantastic Locations

The areas within a city where 5* serviced apartments are located such as Belgravia and Chelsea, Kensington and Knightsbridge tend to be the most desirable areas of that city. They are well situated, with Michelin stared restaurants on the doorstep and easy access to business and entertainment districts. A simple call to the concierge service to arrange transport eases any need to go further afield. This leaves the occupant to concentrate on what they are there for in the first place: the business. And surely that is to everyone’s benefit.

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