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Planning 2019 Corporate Stays in London

Published on December 20, 2018 by Rebecca Hinshelwood

As 2018 draws to a close and all those pre-Christmas business events get ticked off, it is pertinent to turn your attention to next year. Start 2019 in a positive way by ensuring that your upcoming corporate stays in London are well planned. What are the key things to think about when planning business travel, either for yourself or on behalf of a colleague?


We’re not just talking about flights into your destination city. Really, that is the easy bit. Far more important to the smooth running of your business trip are all those local journeys that often get overlooked in the planning stage. For corporate stays in London, this covers tube, taxi, walking and even boat!

Local Travel
To ensure that neither you nor your colleagues fall foul of local transport systems, planning is key. For corporate stays in London that benefit from the services of a luxury serviced apartment, a lot of this is taken care of for you. Concierge services can organise the most appropriate local travel during your stay. 

Meticulous planning doesn’t just cover timetables and distances; the truly diligent planner should look into any potential causes for delay. So we mean engineering works, road closures or political protests. These are all things that will be publicised prior to the event and by knowing about them, you can avoid any impact to your timekeeping.


Always book your serviced apartment for business accommodation well in advance. Choice is king here, and your choice of accommodation is the single factor that will have the largest impact on your business trip. So it’s therefore vital that you are not forced to compromise on accommodation.

Ensure that your serviced apartment is located close to your business destination. When planning corporate stays in London, a central location is often vital. For many business visits, there are a number of different destinations to take into account. From Kensington and Mayfair, you can easily and quickly travel to a variety of areas, from the City to the West End. 

Second to location by only a hair’s breadth, the comfort of your 5* serviced accommodation for corporate travel will keep you feeling on form and business-ready. A serviced apartment averages 30% more space than a hotel suite, plus the freedom to live as you would at home. It’s not all about space and soft furnishings, though. Technology and connectivity are vital for business travellers. So you can expect reliable Wi-fi, serviced appliances and high level business facilities. As serviced apartments are so well stocked in amenities, you will feel the difference in the lightness of your packing. 


How much time should you think through your activity prior to your business trip? Surely this should all just… well, flow? Only when you’ve taken the time in advance to plan. Clearly, sitting central is your primary reason for travel: your meeting or event. However, we see in most corporate stays in London a need to balance all sorts of incidental events during a visit. 

Your business priority could be a conference, trade show, pitch meeting or even recruitment. Ensure that you have factored in some thought-time prior to the event or meeting. No doubt you will have some form of itinerary – so use it to schedule this time in. Your central London apartment for corporate stay will benefit from this as you will be far more mentally present and prepared.

How often do you hear about business travellers who ‘only ever see the inside of a hotel’? This is an unnecessary problem for corporate stays in London when you choose a luxury serviced apartment. The apartment locations around central and west London allow you to inhabit the local area in a way that hotel accommodation does not. Additionally, it is important to allow some time in your schedule to experience something of the city. This could be an evening meal at a Michelin starred restaurant. Or perhaps a short browse around the National Portrait Gallery after your pitch meeting. A bit of downtime will bring balance to your visit.

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