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The Perfect Balance: How do serviced apartments increase comfort without being stifling?

Published on June 2, 2018 by Rebecca Hinshelwood

For most of us, the ultimate vacation or break is one where every comfort is fulfilled. In this respect, the most luxurious serviced apartments are ideal and you needn’t lift a finger for the duration of your stay.

But what if that level of service isn’t for everyone? With enhanced comfort can come claustrophobia; some travellers want to experience freedom on their break, which the trappings of luxury can appear to contravene. We believe that serviced apartments strike a perfect balance of the freedom to really experience a destination whilst enjoying luxurious surroundings.

To understand how this balance is achieved, we’ve compared and contrasted various aspects of a typical accommodation.

Increased Space

On average, you will find that the space that you enjoy in your serviced apartment is around 30% greater than that of a hotel suite. This added space has a knock on effect on your comfort levels. The space is less claustrophobic and stuffy, so even in the busy cosmopolitan centre of London, you can enjoy downtime in a space that lets you breathe. 

Quality Furniture 

The focus of luxury serviced apartments is, naturally, on providing a high-quality environment. By comparison, many Airbnb properties are furnished to functional standards. You can be confident that your serviced apartment will provide added levels of comfort to ensure that you sleep, rest and eat well during your stay.

Bespoke Service

As space is so important for both short or long stays, you may also look at vacation rental properties. A serviced apartment offers added services that enable you to make the most of your time. This could mean a daily turndown, catering or maid service. So you can enjoy the service side of a hotel stay while concentrating on enjoying your destination. All of this without the feeling of conspicuousness that can arise from being among lots of other people.

Maximum Privacy 

Maintaining a distance from other guests and numerous staff is another great benefit to serviced apartments. Privacy forms a great part of a sense of freedom. This is key to a balance of comfort. However, when a concierge service is just a phone call away, you can enjoy privacy with the reassurance of support kept at a distance.

Ultimate Freedom

This ability to access the support of a dedicated concierge service is what truly sets apart a serviced apartment from a similarly sized vacation rental. A vacation can feel like work when you spend hours researching where to visit, eat and shop. A concierge service removes all this from your concern. They can arrange your transport and restaurant bookings so that you can enjoy the freedom of experience without the toil.

Real Homeliness 

Every luxury serviced apartment has been individually designed to encourage comfort without creating an overpowering atmosphere. When staying in many short-term accommodation types, such as Airbnb, an atmosphere can feel forced or unwelcoming. The time and thought taken to design and source the living areas of a luxury serviced apartment are instrumental in the stay itself.

Pure Individuality

This element of design is key in distinguishing between serviced apartments and hotels. A hotel’s branding is more often than not stamped all over a room or a suite. From the bedding to the furniture, it can all feel a bit – well, uniform. A luxury serviced apartment strives to differentiate itself from this feeling of the standard to offer a space that is individual and appealing.

Settling In 

All of these elements of comfort make serviced apartments second to none for a long-term stay. As your surroundings feel like home and you are given the support to enjoy all sorts of inside local knowledge, you will feel like a local in no time. Serviced apartments provide the head start for those on a longer stay to become settled and hit the ground running.

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